Fall 2012 Color Picks

Fall 2012 Color Picks

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Coming Soon to an Etsy Shop Near You


Missy Swank is a new venture currently being constructed by 3 Sisters who have an adoration for trendy arm candy, statement earrings and fanciful hairpieces. In the coming weeks we will be visiting Mood Fabrics, BeadKraft  & other crafty wholesale stores throughout New York City for inspiring pieces to include in our collections. We have a vision for what we ourselves would love to wear and share and are excited to put our ideas into actual creations for you!

One of the major influences that has encouraged our fascination with DIY jewelry has been the wealth of videos throughout YouTube offering step by step instruction for newbies as well as some pretty brilliant young ladies who have turned their passion for fashion into works of art through video. Check out some of our faves:


What do you think? Here at Missy Swank we absolutely love communication and input so always feel free to share your comments or ideas with us!

Courtney, Diana & Hunter